Business in Emerging Latin America


After a long period of sustained growth, Latin America has reached a period of economic stability and maturity.  Although poverty and income inequality persists, most Latin American societies are experiencing increased economic security.

In the last decade we have seen also great improvements in documenting and explaining the transformation of Latin America.  The knowledge base about the region is impressive and deep.  For instance, research has documented very well the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis on the region.  We also have up to date and accurate information on the extent and size of the emerging middle class.

The work of our own book on the business environment in Latin America (Routledge, 2015) exposed us to vast information on a variety of topics relevant to business in the region.  We were impressed with the depth of knowledge available.  We also realized that knowledge about the region is dispersed and fragmented.  We understood that information and data represented the particular interests of the institutions sponsoring the research and was gathered to meet particular agendas.  As a result, we realized the need for a centralized depository and knowledge exchange about business in Latin America.

The purpose of creating this site, in addition to providing support resources for our book, is to be the recipient and repository of knowledge about the many topics and issues of business in Latin America, from multiple perspectives.  The aim of the site is to become a vehicle of collaboration, dissemination, education, and information.

Our approach will be to catalog and organize the knowledge structure in a way that will help educators, researchers, students and practitioners to quickly identify current and relevant information about business topics.  We also aim to stimulate an open dialogue among users to exchange and share ideas, data, publications, and other components of a knowledge base.  We will accept contributions in many formats—published articles, drafts of papers, or messages/blog type postings.  We plan to provide the tools to collaborate through mailing lists; a space for blogs, discussion boards and wikis; and the sharing of documents.

We hope that this site will enhance users’ awareness of current and relevant issues in the region.  We also hope that our site will help you create new knowledge about what we know about the business environment in Latin America.

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